April 16, 2018

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Let's settle this once and for all!


Many people will HATE this blog post because i'm preaching for #TeamCarbs 




"Taylor, I lost weight when i went on a low-Carb diet?"


^ Maybe because you've taken a hell of a lot of Calories out of your diet by restricting yourself from having the most palatable foods --> Hence why you've gained weight again because you was so restrictive that your diet didn't work!


Many people believe that Carbs are going to be stored as Fat when consumed and not used, When in actual fact, it comes down to Calories In vs Calories out.


If you're body is in a caloric surplus & you're not expanding Calories, of course your going to gain fat! But that has nothing to do with Carbs.


If you'd gained fat by following a high protein diet, would you cut out protein because "it made you fat"? 


Thought Not.


Carbs are the main fuel source for the body. Eliminate Carbs & what happens to your performance? 


Feel lethargic, tired, fatigued, crappy etc etc...


Understand that it still comes down to being in a calorie deficit to lose weight &


A calorie surplus will gain weight


Regardless of if you follow:


 > Keto

> Vegan <-- BOO!

> Low Carb

> Low Fat

> Paleo

> Clean Eating

> Slimming world <-- BOO!

> Weight Watchers <-- BOO!

> And every other diet out there!


Hope this helps! Keep Being Awesome!




















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