April 16, 2018

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Blog #2 - 3 Pieces Of Equipment EVERYONE Should Own!

A question i often get asked is 


"What can i do at home to get awesome results?"


And its a key thing to make sure that you continue to work outside of your Personal Training sessions & during times like these where you cannot get to the gym because of the wonderful British weather!


So, here goes...


1 - Resistance bands... Not the type you see on the TV adverts with the handles & the absolutely shredded man/women asking you to "Work Harder!" or "Feel The Burn!"


But one of these (in the Picture below). This piece of kit is so diverse & allows us to do so many different movements & manipulate different muscles. (Video coming soon!)


You can grab one of these bands from anywhere between £10 - £20 depending on the resistance & site.


Like is said, great piece of kit used in the majority of my bootcamp sessions!



2 - Kettle bells... Another great piece of equipment that will allow you to work harder, push your body and also have some fun.


The Crossfit community know this little gem all too well! So many different movements you can do with a kettlebell including: Squats, Curls, Presses, Rows Extensions... The list goes on!


I believe that from a beginners point of view, you should be using an 8KG - 12KG to begin with... This is a mistake that my Bootcampers made, some of them turning up with 2KG, 4KG & 6KG & complaining it was too easy.


The movements should feel comfortable but testing. Comfortable in a sense that it's not pulling your muscles or creating un-needed tension in the lower back!


Again, things are in the pipeline for videos to be coming out soon!





3 - TR-x... As soon as this piece of equipment was released into the industry it had an amazing impact.


This piece of equipment itself has upgraded my bootcamp sessions as now my guys can start progressing even further with there goals.


Again, with so much diversity, you can use the TR-x for ab work, core conditioning & A full body workout... Deja vu because again, video coming soon!


With the equipment i have suggested here, you could create an awesome full body circuit, supersets or tri-circuits.


You can use these pieces of equipment literally anywhere! 


When i go on holiday, i make sure i always pack my TR-x & Band, Not the kettlebell because of the weight restriction! haha



You can hook the TR-x onto a tree, door frame, ledge, Anything!


With the Bands & Kettlebell being a "free weight", again you can manipulate your workout to suit!


Hope you enjoyed todays blog & find a use form it...


Videos coming soon over on my youtube channel! If you'd like to go like & subscribe you can find it here --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEHnD6ay1hqu0CGCJ_S-T3w?view_as=subscriber


















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