April 16, 2018

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3 Supplements To AVOID!

Supplements seem to be taking over the industry at the moment,


Which is a real shame that people are looking a the next "Magic Pill" rather than following healthier diet.


So i thought id throw out there 3 Supps to avoid and save some money!


Fat Burners - They're Bullshit! By taking a tablet you think your going to "Burn Fat?" 


The only way to burn fat is to exercise well & be in a caloric deficit!


the reason why fat burners perceive to work is because your told to replace calorie dense meal for a tablet or capsule which is likely to be VERY LOW CALORIE!




Carb Blockers - (Face Palm)


What an absolutely ridiculous supplement! 


The only blocker people need, is tape over the mouth!


This supplement is supposed to stop carbs getting through the digestive tract & spiking insulin levels thus causing weight gain...


^^^ I dont even know what to say lol!


Carbs aren't the enemy, calorie surplus is!




BCAA's - A marketers dream!


BCAA also known as branch chain amino acids are effectively what protein is built up of.


Marketers grabbed big, muscular men & told them that this drink would get them muscular...when they were already muscular... And told them that was the reason why.


All they then needed to do is ask celebrities or fitness icons to promote & its a done deal!


The only time i'd recommend BCAA's is if you're in a fasted state, if your not, you do just fine with your normal diet!




So, if you want to keep wasting money on supplements that have very little science based backing, there you go!


Or, you could just learn, educate yourself & make simplistic change for longer term health, fitness & happiness?


Your choice!
















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