April 16, 2018

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4 Diet Tips For Long Term Results!

We're at a stage where obesity is on the rise & at an all time high...


There are more "diet clubs" & misconceptions than ever


So i am here to give solid advice that will cut out the yo-yo'ers & help you get long term, sustainable results!


Here we go...


1 - Goals > Have a solid, dead set goal in place.


90% of people want to lose weight... But what does Losing weight look like to you?


What does losing weight feel like?  How will you feel if you lose the weight?

What will you look like? How will it effect you?


^ Getting physical & emotional clarity is really important, because the goal begins to feel real.



2 - Learn > Dieting isn't an easy process it takes commitment, understanding & effort.


The latest trend in your magazine, or what you've read off of an article on facebook/instagram won't necessarily be the best thing to follow, especially if its celebrity endorsed!


When you start to understand calories, protein, fats & carbs plus on top of that the health benefits of food, things become a lot clearer & easier.


You begin to appreciate good nutrition & and the benefits/roles it plays within the body.



3 - Don't be too restrictive > Food is a fuel source for the body, enjoy it!


Like chocolate? Have some!


Like wine? Have some!


Like Beer? Have some!


As long as they fit in with your calorie totals it's not a problem.


Try to stick to the 80/20 rule


80% good, solid nutritional principles


20% Enjoyment....


This will keep you on track, allowing you to have some "treats" as well as sticking to your goals.



4 - Consistency > Results don't appear overnight!


Work hard, constant effort for a longer period of time is what sculpts great results.


This is why most diets don't work, because there is no instant results


"I done 100 sit ups earlier, why don't i have a six pack?


^ Ever thought of that? Ever said that?


"'i've been to the gym for 2 weeks now, why aren't i skinny yet?"




Be consistent, hit your goals & you will get results!























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