April 16, 2018

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#Blog 6 - 5 Tips On How To Devise A Workout Plan

Hey everyone!


Today's blog post is going to teach you how to put together a workout plan!


So lets get cracking!



1 - Have  a set goal in place, this is vital so that we can follow a specific amount of sets, reps etc etc


You don't want to be looking to because a bodybuilder & just focus on cardio!


2 - Set days of where you're going to be able to get to the gym consistently & have a good workout.


The gym shouldn't feel like a chaw, it should be enjoyable & an achievement, every session!


3 - Manipulate your muscles in a certain way, for example have specific days for specific movements. We don't want to be following your typical "bro" split, consisting of "Arms on Monday, Chest on Tuesday, Legs on Wednesday (which never happens!)" etc etc.


If you plan on going to the gym 3 times per week, a Push, Pull & Legs split will work perfectly...


Monday - Pushing movements


Wednesday - Pulling movements 


Friday - Legs movements


This way we are getting a good full body workout week in.




This is where we push the body past the limits, pushing past what its used too, for example adding extra reps, sets or even increase the weight we are using.


It'd be a good idea to start tracking your movements by writing them down or using a mobile phone app!


lastly - Perform Exercises you enjoy! 


If you are exercising in a way that you don't like, it's more common than not that you will stop going to the gym...


I always use the analogy of eating, if you don't like a certain food, you won't eat it again. If you don't like a certain exercise, you won't do it again.


So there we are guys they are my 5 top tips on how to devise a workout plan, use it, implement it & get your butts to the gym!



















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