April 16, 2018

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Blog #8 - Why You're Yo-Yo'ing Your Results!

We all have "those days"


You know the ones where you're really good for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday...


But Thursday, Friday & Saturday you "fall off the wagon" and beat yourself up over it.


You're in the mindset that because you have been eating strict & "Clean" for the first 3 days, the moment any "bad" foods pass your mouth your motivation & mindset takes a complete U-Turn.


How do we combat this?


> Stop Being So Restrictive - Chocolate, Crisps, Beer, Wine, Popcorn, Sweets etc etc aren't going to kill you. 


As long as you can cater ^ these things into your diet & calorie allowance, its fine.


The thing is, is that you are more likely going to over-indulge of high, calorie dense foods if you restrict them during the week... Make them fit your week, your diet, your calories!


Always remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, eat health beneficial foods, 20% of the time, enjoy what the hell you want! --> Calories!




> Don't Refer To Food As "Good & Bad" Or "Clean & Dirty" - Another factor to why we binge is because we are scared of food.


We need to build good relationships with food. Understanding that food is fuel for the body


Take away the enjoyment from the diet, you may swell stop now.


Get to grips with what you can eat, what makes you feel good, makes you happy & ultimately is going to aid your results.


Like I said, implementing "bad" foods into the diet is a good thing, it will help stop the binges!


Unless you're a professional bodybuilder, prepping to step on stage...


An olympic athlete ready to compete...


Or want the body of a GOD!


It won't harm you!


Enjoy your diet, enjoy the process & enjoy the results!


Keep Being Awesome!






















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