April 16, 2018

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3 Major Reasons Why You're Not Getting Results...

In this blog post, i uncover 3 of the biggest reasons people don't achieve there goals & get results. 

My aim is to give you the solution to your problems & the much needed kick up the backside to help you make changes & get results!

Reason number 1 - You're putting too much pressure upon yourself!


"I go on holiday in 4 weeks, i want to lose at least a stone!"


^^^ A lot of people have been in this situation before, where you leave it to the last minute to get into the gym, join a slimming club & work yourself into the ground...


You start turning up at the gym at 6am for 45 minutes on the cross trainer, you skip breakfast & head straight to work where you spend your day dreaming of food & trying to ignore your stomach growling as you're so hungry, finish your day at work and go straight home where you prepare dinner for the family, smash through the washing up so that you can chill on the sofa, turn Eastenders on & grab a tub of Ben&Jerries as a treat because you've had a loooong stressful day, ready to repeat the next day.


Sound familiar?


Well here's your solution...


Create and structure a plan of action, & make the decision to change sooner rather than later.


For example, Sit down with a pen and paper & physically write down the days you have time where you can get to the gym for a workout. Add time in for when you can prepare your meals for the next days breakfast or lunch.


What this will do is instantly relieve some of the pressure off of your shoulders and give you more time. You've heard of the saying "Be prepared or prepare to fail", it's true!


I understand that this is hard due to having children, or an uneven work vs home life balance... Always remember one thing, When you go on an airplane & they perform the safety procedures, what do they say about the oxygen masks?


"Sort Yourself Before You Help Others"  & i love this saying, because its so true!


If you're not healthy, happy etc etc, you won't be able to help others anyway! You have to be selfish.


Make this decision sooner rather than later, because if you leave it too late, you'll be disappointed! 


The holiday you've got booked won't be as enjoyable when you can't relax and feel comfortable in your own skin. I understand, I've been there!


Being in the position where being in a swimsuit seems like the scariest thing in the world...


Don't leave it till 4 weeks before your holiday, strive for long term health & happiness, no more quick fixes...


* Reason Number 2 - You're Goals Are Too Hard!


The goals that you are setting are far to hard for you to achieve.


As mentioned before the "I want to lose a stone in 4 weeks" is very very common!


People attempt it, fail & disbelieve in the processes of going to the gym, being in a calorie deficit & working hard.


There's an easy solution to this...


Set micro goals, or weekly goals for you to achieve that will benefit you long term.


For example:


Week 1 - Hit my calorie deficit total consistently every day this week. Complete? / Incomplete? 


Week 2 - Hit a new personal best this week for my squats. Complete? / Incomplete?


Week 3 - Achieve 3 resistance sessions & 1 cardio session this week. Complete? / Incomplete?


Week 4 - Consume 2-3L of water per day this week. Complete? / Incomplete? 


^ This way, we can create structure & the snowball effect for your motivation levels by achieving more simplistic weekly goals.


These sorts of goals will fundamentally help you achieve your long term goal of Losing Weight & Burning Fat.


If you do not achieve one of these goals, assess why, ask questions of yourself and try to improve. This way, you will continuously improve & work towards bigger & harder goals.


* Reason Number 3 - You're Being Misguided... 


Let me explain...


As a Personal Trainer & Transformation Coach, i've experienced this hundreds of time in the past.


People are scared to approach us & ask for help!


We're currently in an obesity epidemic, Information and guidelines are being changed every 5 minutes & you don't know where to start.


Ketogenic diet


Vegan diet




Eat clean


Syn counts


Low carb


Low fats


What one do you follow? what approach do you take? 


You're so desperate for results that you'll try them all & fail, You'll lose motivation, stop going to the gym, stop following any nutritional process and start again in January.




I'm here to say, please do not be afraid to speak with your gyms Trainer... This may be down to bad experiences in the past, but let me tell you, things have changed, the industry has evolved.


They will not (95% of the time haha!) charge you any money for talking to them.


They are there to help, they got into this industry, like myself, to make a change & impact peoples lives for the better.


The solution to this is to speak with the Trainer & ask for advice. Take a leap out of your comfort zone and start making changes!


I hope this blog post has been useful for you & i would love to hear some of your feedback.


I want to help you in any way that i can! So, please answer the question below...


What is the 1 thing that you will implement this week / next week that will aid you getting results?


 Comment below!


















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