April 16, 2018

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5 Tips On How To Train Smarter, Not Harder!

5 Tips On How To Train Smarter, Not Harder!


1 - Have a set plan for what your workout regime will be, what time & what day you'll be going, this will give you a sense of accountability and structure.


2 - Put your F*****G Phone Down! - Commit to 45-60 Minutes of just "You Time" im sure facebook can live without you updating your status for 60 minutes with a selfie of you quoting "Gym Vibes"


3 - Work with supersets & Tri-circuits & Giant Sets... this is where you repeat back to back exercises before rest... for example, Superset - 1 exercise finishes, straight into the next then rest. Tri-Circuit - 3 exercises before rest. Giant Set - 4 Exercises before rest


Using these training methods are going to enable us to optimise the muscle tension we can build & not make us spend hours in the gym!


4 - Limit your rest time - Just because you've done 12 reps on an exercise, doesn't give you an excuse to spend 5 minutes talking or texting. limit your recovery time to just 60-90 seconds & watch your workout become a whole new level!


5 - Just because you don't feel pain, doesn't mean your workout wasn't good! Something i hear in my local gym is that people are unhappy because they've not got DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.) This doesn't mean that your workout hasn't been well executed. it's always good to push yourself, but there are so many factors that can come into play as to why you haven't got DOMS!


Ultimately, Push Yourself, Train Well, Rest Well & Be Smart!



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